Shore A Products
UV Resistant/ Clear

UV resistant elastomers can be found in almost every industry with an outdoor presence.  Our uv resistant products were formulated with low natural color and high quality physical properties.

All UV Resistant Products

All Shore A Products
UV Stable/ Clear

Shore A elastomers that are easy to color and hold that color in the presence of UV are hard to find. Below is our list of products that fit that description.

TDSProductRatio by WeightMixed ViscGel TimeHardnessTensile StrengthElongation (%)Tear StrengthCured Color
View DatasheetTSA2095UV100:17600015:0048D1900270650White
View DatasheetCSA10901:165010:0090A2390140350Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA28093:1005002:0080A1137120250Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA7801:15007:0080A1137120250Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA10801:150010:0080A1137120250Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA2080100:10050020:0080A1137120250Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA790FR80:1007007:0090A1500160188Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA1090FR80:10070010:0090A1500160188Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA10701:245010:0070A560110170Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA157050:10045015:0070A560110170Water Clear
View DatasheetTSA761UV1:17007:0060A1100500150Translucent
View DatasheetCSA10601:235010:0060A2255070Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA35150:1008003:0055A38010058Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA10501:222010:0050A38010058Water Clear
View DatasheetCSA10401:222010:0040A1155030Water Clear