Shore A Products
Oil and Gas Resistant

Our urethane materials hold up to extreme abrasion and are completely oil resistant.  Pipeline pigs and stripper rubbers have to perform in the harshest environments.

All Shore A Products
Oil and Gas Resistant

These elastomers have been put to the test, surviving the rigorous usage in the oil field with great durability. Our products, used primarily for PIGS and Stripper Rubbers, have outperformed the competition.

TDSProductRatio by WeightRatio by VolumeMixed Visc w/ HeatGel TimeHardnessTensile StrengthElongation (%)Tear StrengthShrinkage
View DatasheetESA1095100:20100:20600010:0095A58005007000.003
View DatasheetESA108510:110:1400010:0085A484910745890.003
View DatasheetESA1075100:17100:18400010:0075A51008203760.003
View DatasheetESA107410:110:1400010:0070A200012004100.003
View DatasheetESA1065100:12100:12400010:0062A45006002850.003