When looking for taxidermy supplies our customers need high quality, cost effective products.  Two component polyurethanes that are easy to color and tint allowing the taxidermist to create the perfect look.

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Rigid/Semi-Rigid (Shore D)

Fast demold times and great green strength are the properties that highlight these products. Great impact strengths make them tough and durable as well.

TDSProductRatio by WeightRatio by VolumeMixed ViscGel TimeHardnessFlexural ModulusTensile StrengthIZOD ImpactCured Color
View DatasheetCSD1085100:56100:6082010:0085D37000080002.1Water Clear
View DatasheetTSD275UV100:901:1902:0072D19500033002.8Translucent
View DatasheetTSD3701:11:1903:0070D23500045003White
View DatasheetTSD3711:11:1903:0070D19500023002Translucent

Rubber (Shore A)

Thermoset Solutions offers a wide range of hardness that are easy to process, durable, and cost effective.

TDSProductRatio by WeightRatio by VolumeMixed ViscGel TimeHardnessTensile StrengthElongation (%)Tear StrengthCured Color
View DatasheetTSA750H50:10047:1008807:0050A670250115Translucent
View DatasheetTSA760H50:10048:1009007:0060A730280135Translucent
View DatasheetTSA770H1:21:29007:0070A650300170Translucent
View DatasheetTSA780H1:11:18007:0080A1000300225Translucent
View DatasheetTSA1090100:881:145010:0090A2000215354Translucent/ White