Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry, specifically pipeline pigs and stripper rubbers, have some of the most stringent and demanding property requirements in the urethane industry.  Thermoset Solutions has industry tested formulations that meet and exceed these requirements.



These products are as tough and durable as polyurethane rubber elastomers get. Formulated to be resistant to breakdown from oil and gas they are perfect for the pipeline industry. Tried and true on P.I.G.S and Stripper Rubber applications, Enduroset rubber performs.


TDSProductRatio by WeightRatio by VolumeGel TimeDemold TimeHardnessTensile StrengthElongation (%)Tear StrengthShrinkage
View DatasheetESA1065100:12100:1210:002:00:0062A45006002850.003
View DatasheetESA107410:110:110:002:00:0070A200012004100.003
View DatasheetESA108510:110:110:002:00:0085A484910745890.003
View DatasheetESA1095100:20100:2010:001:00:0095A58005007000.003