Polyurethane Foam

Below are our selection of polyurethane foam products.  We have a range of densities in both flexible and rigid cured states.  Great for foam rollers, targets, movie props and so much more.

Rigid/ Flexible

Our categories of foam products offer reliable, easy to use products, as well as products with a variety of densities and properties.

TDSProductFeelRatio by WeightRatio by VolumePart A ViscPart B ViscMixed ViscCream Time (@77F)Rise Time (@77F)Tack Free TimeFree Rise Density
DatasheetCSF280FRFlexible1:11:120015001000120 seconds4 minutes20 minutes9 pcf
DatasheetFS110Flexible70:10070:10011001500130060 seconds120 seconds20 minutes10 pcf
DatasheetFSR530Rigid1:190:100500900750180 seconds5 minutes60 minutes30 pcf
DatasheetFSR2Rigid100:442:1503000100030 seconds90 seconds3 minutes2 pcf
DatasheetFSR4Rigid2:1100:581504000140030 seconds110 seconds10 minutes4 pcf