Holds (Climbing, Ninja, etc.)

We have developed very specific products for molding and casting climbing holds of all shapes and sizes. For example, FSD275UV is a UV resistant, low color, durable casting resin with a work time that allows for very quick demolding of your finished hold.

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Casting Resin For Holds (Climbing, Ninja, etc.)

FSD275UV is a product that has been used widely to make recreational holds of all kinds. It has extremely low color with an almost clear cured appearance making it easy to custom pigment your holds. That, coupled with its great impact strength and toughness, makes it a great choice.

TDSProductRatio by VolumeMixed ViscGel TimeDemold TimeHardnessFlexural ModulusTensile StrengthIZOD ImpactHDTShrinkageCured Color

Molding Material For Holds (Climbing, Ninja, etc.)

XT585 is a great silicone. It’s perfect for mold life when using polyurethane casting resin and flexible enough for an easy demold of even the most complex geometry.
ESD2063 is a great product to use as a hard shell lay up to your silicone mold.


TDSProduct IdShore A Hardness [1 Day/7 Days]Tear StrengthTensile Strength Elongation (%)Mixed Viscosity
XT-58515 / 17125 ± 25450 ± 50675 ± 5025,000-35,000
TDSProductRatio By WeightMixed ViscGel TimeHardnessFlexural ModulusTensile StrengthElongation (%)Tear StrengthIzod ImpactHDTCured Color