Polyurethane Foam

Below are our selection of rigid polyurethane foam products.  Great for foam rollers, targets, movie props and so much more.

Rigid Foam

Our foam products offer reliable, easy to use products, as well as products with a variety of densities and properties.

TDSProductFeelRatio by WeightRatio by VolumePart A ViscPart B ViscMixed ViscCream Time (@77F)Rise Time (@77F)Tack Free TimeFree Rise Density
DatasheetFSR530Rigid1:190:100500900750180 seconds5 minutes60 minutes30 pcf
DatasheetFSR2Rigid100:442:1503000100030 seconds90 seconds3 minutes2 pcf
DatasheetFSR4Rigid2:1100:581504000140030 seconds110 seconds10 minutes4 pcf