Shore D Products
Peak Properties

Need durable polyurethane systems for a key project?  Great for cement stamps, wheels and rollers, urethane molds, or any project that requires the best physical properties.

All Shore D Products
Peak Performance

When you need peak physical properties, look no further than our peak performance materials. With the right processing capabilities these products can give you the absolute best properties.

TDSProductGel TimeHardnessFlexural ModulusTensile StrengthElongation (%)Tear StrengthIZOD ImpactHDT
View DatasheetESD204530:0045D20000200064563015+265F*
View DatasheetESD204822:0048D25000460075079015+265F*
View DatasheetESD205022:0050D25000470058085015+265F*
View DatasheetESD205525:0055D30000240038075015+195F
View DatasheetESD206325:0063D31500400038095015+175F