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Flame Retardant

Flame retardant shore A rubber products pass our internal UL 94-V0 testing.  This indicates how long it takes for the product to self extinguish with the specimen in the vertical position.  For more information on what 94V-0 means visit the UL Website.

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Flame Retardant

Our flame retardant products are the products that pass our internal testing of UL94-V0. For more information on the standardized testing, visit UL Plastics Testing Site.

TDSProductRatio by WeightMixed ViscGel TimeHardnessTensile StrengthElongation (%)Tear StrengthShrinkageCured Color
View DatasheetHSA1080FR2:1200010:0080A15507203300.003Amber
View DatasheetHSA565FR2:119005:0065A7504002100.003Amber
View DatasheetCSA790FR80:1007007:0090A15001601880.003Clear
View DatasheetCSA1090FR80:10070010:0090A15001601880.003Clear
View DatasheetHSA1090FR2:1215010:0090A21304214950.003Amber
View DatasheetTSA1090FR100:8545010:0090A19352033150.002Translucent