Shore A Products
Food Safe

Our selection of food safe urethane elastomer products is growing as the need increases for great products like these.  All of them are formulated using raw materials that are FDA approved for indirect food contact.

Food Safe Shore D Materials

All Shore A Products
Food Grade

All of these shore A products have been formulated with raw materials approved for indirect food contact.

TDSProductRatio by WeightMixed ViscGel TimeHardnessTensile StrengthElongation (%)Tear StrengthShrinkageCured Color
View DatasheetTSA1590FG1:140015:0090A23602404970.002White
View DatasheetTSA2080FG1:170020:0080A10002703200.002White
View DatasheetTSA770FG1:17007:0070A17004702500.002White