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Polyurethane Products

We have a full line of high quality, unique formulations to fit almost any project material requirement.  From soft rubber to rigid plastic you will find a great material to create your part with.

Silicone Products

Looking for a great mold making silicone?  We have tin cured and platinum cured silicone that will fit your needs.  Need a skin for an animatronics project?  Look no further.

Accessory Products

In an effort to be a one stop shop for our customers we offer most of the common accessory products including mold release spray, colorants, stir sticks, paint paddles, mix tubes, and cartridges to name a few.

Our Products

We strive every day to make products that will help our customers achieve their goals and to provide a level of service that will earn there business back time and time again.  Our line up of products has a wide range of property options and processing styles to suit almost any customer that has a need for polyurethane, silicone, and any additional products that might help on there journey to create great parts.


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